Extraordinary Holiness

A man with tremendous hope in the Providence of God

Raja of Thanjavur was very much impressed by the charitable activities of the Servant of God Michael Ansaldo.

Ansaldo was a very good friend of one of the royal families of Thanjavur. A person from this royal family always admired his selfless service. One day he wished to do something that can make Ansaldo very happy. Therefore, he sent to him some gold and silver coins. Thus, Ansaldo realized that the hand of God was always with him.

The royal friend’s gift of love was followed by donations from many others and the work went on smoothly. A few years later, in the work of laying the foundation for a small chapel and this construction, four huge teak wood beams were used. But Fr. Ansaldo knows very well that working people are incapable of coping with such harsh conditions.

Father was a bit confused how to complete this huge task without any accident   Meanwhile, a French ship came to a standstill. The captains came to visit the home of the Episcopal priests. Ansaldo took the predicament in stride. Immediately the sailors happily rushed to complete this task. The chief’s anxiety was also relieved, and the orders laid down that day remained firm.

The intensity of economic problems could not diminish his austerity. His room was very simple in its appearance and he used to eat very ordinary food that was not even very palatable. He was a man of a few words. Although he attempted constantly not only in mind, but also in fact, he did not forget the principle that everything has its own time for its fulfillment. On the other hand, he also helped all those who were in contact with him in one way or another to develop in their relationship with God.

Miracle well

At certain moment there was the scarcity of water in the convent, as the nuns could not go out to fetch the water, so called few people to dig the well at one corner of the Convent but water did not come. All were disappointed but the good father Ansaldo giving them lot of hope got down into the well with a help of a ladder. He knelt down on the ground of the well and prayed so deeply holding the relic of the Saint Theresa. Then there was a surprise, immediately gushed forth the spring of water from the well and the pagan people who dug the well standing around the well cried aloud in joy saying you are the god but Fr. Ansaldo shouted at them not to tell that the miracle was done by himself rather by the holy relics of St. Theresa. Yet later on the nuns said that the miracle was done by the deep prayer of Fr. Ansaldo. Till today this well is existing and never got dried up and the water is used by the nuns at the Immaculate Convent.


Appearance of the Servant of God Michael Ansaldo to the nuns before their death

It speaks of his virtues and of the extraordinary events that happened at the death of several nuns, and in which he seems to have a part.  Many times, in fact, during his life, the missionary had repeated to his daughters: “Observe your constitutions exactly, and you will certainly be saved.  If after that the good Lord makes it difficult to receive you in his paradise, I will come myself to serve as surety and plead your case.  Is it in fulfilment of this promise, and to better prepare the nuns for the great passage, that he appears to one of them when death is about to strike a member of the community.  The fact is that after careful investigation, it has been found that for the eighteen nuns who have died since 1854, the warning was given two or three days or even seven days before the call of the heavenly Bridegroom. 

Next to the name of the deceased, there is written that sister in Carmel convent who saw P. Ansaldo and affirms it, and allowed these witnesses, the seven who still live are in no way brought to exaltation. For sister Arulmarie (Jeanne-Marie), who died on February 17, 1885, after cruel suffering, the father appeared accompanied by one of his successors, Father Gouyon, who was very uncommunicative and desperately shy. As for the five nuns who, formed by Fr. Ansaldo, were still surviving in 1854, they seem to have been warned directly by the father himself. Here are the names of these five nuns: sevanapammal (Genevisve)- Clarammal (Claire). — Madurammal (Marie). — Sinammal (Pauline)–Theresammal (Therese)–The first died on May 9, 1854 and the last December 28, 1858.

Gift of prophesy

Servant of God Michael Ansaldo used to tell his sisters in the Convent many tribulations will come to close this Convent but do not be afraid of anybody this will remain forever. Thus, those three religious convents are existing till today.

His intercessory power

Many people are praying through the intercession of the Servant of God Michael Ansaldo and they are being blessed.

Extraordinary Holiness